What could stop you from traveling?

Maybe your first reaction will be to say “nothing”. But is it really like that? Nothing could stop you from traveling? Let’s see the potential reasons that could stop you from traveling and try to find out if there are any solutions to the problems.

Lack of money

When your first priority is to have what to eat and to pay your bills in order to have where to stay, traveling is not on the top things to do. Yes, you can try to go stay at someone’s (not hotels), you can try to find everything for free. You might even success – but you’ll be stressed and you’ll still think of the problems you have at home.

Lack of money is indeed an important reason for not traveling. When the simple necessities of life aren’t covered there is a big problem and most likely you aren’t in a mood for traveling anyway.

Lack of time

Some don’t travel because they don’t have time. They get so caught up in their work that if they go somewhere they simply sign a new contract or something similar. All about business – nothing about travel, discovering etc.

These people should really take a break. Step back for a little while and relax. Enjoy life. Travel. And yes, people that don’t have money don’t understand people that do and choose not to enjoy life by traveling too.


Sounds strange indeed, but there are people that see each leave from home as a burden and not as something fun, enjoyable!

Some of them, curious enough, seem to envy those traveling. But they still don’t overcome their perspective!

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Health issues

Unfortunately no one wants to have health issues, but there are times when one needs to take care of him/her and leave travel for another time. Health is more important than anything else!


Yes, you can travel with a small infant – and with kids any age. But sometimes it is difficult for the mom and for the baby too (especially if either one of them has health issues – recovering from a surgery, grips etc.).

So: what could stop you from traveling?
How would you overcome a problem stopping you from taking the trip/vacation of your dreams?


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2 thoughts on “What could stop you from traveling?

  • 29 August, 2011 at 16:25

    Thanks for sharing! To the essentials you have captured, I add:
    – fear (some people fear of everything that might happen during their trip, of the plains, of the highways, of thieves, of natural disasters or simply of the unknown)
    – prejudices about some places (some people avoid some places because of stereotype images they have about them from movies, stories, news)
    – lack of language skills (it can be important if you go to a country and you do not speak the language or where the level of another internationally spoken language is low)
    – poor access to transport and infrastructure (if people live in a remote area and do not own a car or do not have proper train/ public busses connection, or go in an area with few facilities can also de-motivate many people)
    – entourage/ family (if the group does not consider or opposes travelling and they give no support, no companion, some people might not find it pleasant to go)
    And I think that the list can continue…

    • 1 September, 2011 at 16:20

      Great ads, thank you Lavinia. Indeed the family and entourage play an important role; fear is also a driving factor on taking or not a trip and also language barrier may stop people from traveling. Transport in some countries is indeed not so great so…


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