Three must see places in Brno, Czech Republic

It is not Prague, true, and it is not very famous, but Brno has a lot to offer if you are in the area and decide to make a stop here. It is not a glamorous city, but rather a smaller, peaceful one. Its buildings tell the stories of an interesting past and a walk through the city’s centre, among the houses built at the beginning of the 20th century will charm you.

Villa Tugendhat living room
Villa Tugendhat living room

Since I started this article mentioning the houses of the city, then I have to start the three places top with Villa Tugendhat. This house has a very interesting story – as it belonged to a jewish people, the family had to leave in a hurry as you can imagine – and nowadays the house is like a museum – open for visitation. To see it, you have to book a tour in advance (and be carreful that the tour is in the local tongue, but you receive supporting materials in English, and the guides can answer your questions in English. The villa has a very interesting and ground-breaking design for its time (and it offers great views over the city). I told you more about the Villa Tugendhat here, and keep in mind that this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the city.

The Technical Museum 

Yes, it is a smaller museum than that you’ll see in Vienna, but it is definitely an interesting one. And i saw many devices from my childhood here (I wrote a dedicated article to this Technical Museum in Brno). It is a fun museum to visit, that will offer you a peak into the past – with old phones, computers, airplanes, various hoousehold devices, guns and more.

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Microscop - the Technical Museum in Brno
Microscop – the Technical Museum in Brno


The Old Town’s centre

If you like old architecture, then you should take a visit to Brno’s old town’s centre. From churches with a spectacular architecture to houses (including the city hall) with a special charm, this is an area to see at dusk, during the day or in any moment. It is splendid – keep in mind that we are speaking of a smaller city in a not so very rich country.

I was in Brno for a brief period of time – but I liked it. I don’t recommend you to visit if you are expecting to see something similar to Vienna, Paris or London. But if you like smaller cities with a special charm, then you should definitely check it out. (You can see all my posts regarding Brno here.)



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3 thoughts on “Three must see places in Brno, Czech Republic

  • 10 January, 2015 at 11:33

    Hi Lori. We were sad to miss Brno last summer – we were in Prague and there were so many other places to visit. But next time around we’ll go. Quite a few other places of interest in the area as well, from caves in the region to Olomouc and Telc not so far away. Brno makes a good base.
    Frank (bbqboy)

  • 10 January, 2015 at 23:46

    It looks like The Old Town is a very fascinating place. I checked out the photos at the link you’ve provided. Could you please show a link to some of the oldest facades of this neighborhood?
    Thanks a lot Lori for sharing info about Romania.


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