Strippers to promote sale?

OK, I understand the need to promote stuff – I own a public relations and communication agency. But how far should you go?

I just read that Spirit Airlines uses strippers to promote sale. “The strippermobiles – featuring bikini-clad women pole dancing on a moving truck behind flexi glass – are being driven around Los Angeles with the words: “I’ll go both ways for $18”.”. Hmm…

However, this seems to be not the first such advertising tactic used by the company. “The airline recently jumped on the back of the US Congressman Anthony Weiner debacle by offering a “Big Weiner Sale”.

The Florida-based airline announced the $9 fares as “too HARD to resist,” with a photo of a hot dog and the subject line: “Want To See Our Weiner?”.”

Hmm… again.

Ok, you want to draw attention. It’s natural.

You want clients. Also a logic thing.

How far should one go?

From the advertisers’ point of view – and I heard this line so many times it sounds like a song chorus to me – it doesn’t matter what people think, it’s important to monitor the results. If the campaign is efficient and attracts clients it’s perfect.

So there is no such thing as too far / too low (the earlier article categorizes this tactic as low).

I’ll go even further: is the commercial more important than the product?

Does advertising influence you in any way when you choose a travel service?

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