Should You Consider Taking a Personal Loan for a World Tour?

Traveling the world is something many of us want to do, but don’t always have the money for. After all, a world tour is expensive no matter how well you plan it. For those who don’t want to put off this dream until they can save enough for it, a personal loan could be the best bet.

It’s okay to take out a loan and use it to achieve a short-term goal such as funding your world travel. There are many advantages to doing it this way, especially if you’re careful about how you spend the money and have a clear plan for paying it back.

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Are Travel Loans Different from Personal Loans?

Essentially, they’re the same thing. A personal loan can be used to fund any expenses, including travel. You can use different loan types to pay for travel, including credit cards, secured loans, unsecured loans, fixed interest loans, variable interest loans and lines of credit.

All of these work in a similar manner. You receive a certain amount of money from a bank or financial institution, with the agreement to pay it back with interest within a certain timeframe or in fixed instalments.

Most people opt for unsecured personal loans or travel credit cards, but a line of credit could be better. This is slightly different from other loan types, since interest is charged on the amount of money used instead of the entire loan amount.

Things to Consider before Taking a Travel Loan

If you’re thinking of using a personal loan for world travel, here’s what you should do:

1. Choose the Right Loan Type – Most people know that comparing interest rates is important while looking for a travel loan, but that isn’t enough. You should also account for factors such as approval timeframes, spending and repayment flexibility, additional fees or charges, etc. Do your research to understand how different types of personal loan options work and choose one that fits your specific needs and abilities.

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2. Know What You Can Afford – Avoid borrowing more money than you can pay back, especially if you have other financial responsibilities. Make sure you crunch the numbers, taking into account your cash flow as well as monetary obligations such as a child’s education, student loans, mortgages, etc. Traveling overseas can be great fun, but not if you get stuck with lifelong debt or extra charges for missing a repayment.

3. Understand How Much You Need – Don’t give in to the temptation of applying for a sizeable loan when you don’t really need it. With a large loan, you will be paying interest on the entire amount, so review your finances and use part of your savings if possible. Opening a line of credit is better if you’re unsure of how much you might need, since you’re only charged interest on the money you actually use.

4. Spend Borrowed Funds Carefully – It can be too easy to burn through your travel loan quickly if you aren’t careful with where and how you spend your money. Pay attention to the fine print and plan your expenses, so you can make the most of world travel without running out of funds or accumulating more debt than you can repay. A proper plan will help you use the money more productively.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Personal Loan for Travel?

Here’s why a travel loan or line of credit is the perfect option for funding a world tour:

1. Credit Cards are Risky – With the rising rates of identity and credit card theft across the world, relying on unsecured modes of borrowing may not be the safest way to plan your travel. Personal loans and lines of credit is less risky, especially when you visit completely unfamiliar locations far from home.

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2. Cash is a Risk, Too – You’ve probably heard horror stories of tourists being ripped off when they’re traveling overseas, and carrying around a large amount of cash is a good way to make yourself a target. It’s far safer to use digital money in the form of a travel loan or line of credit, which you can access at need.

3. Hassle-Free Traveling – Whether you’re traveling to another country or simply exploring new cities in your own land, a personal loan gives you the flexibility to plan your travel exactly the way you want. You get to visit places you’ve always dreamed of going, without any hassles or hitches along the way.

4. Access to Emergency Funds – If you ever need money in an emergency, a travel loan or line of credit makes for the perfect backup plan. In addition to the peace of mind you enjoy when you have a safety net in place for contingencies, an emergency fund also helps with unplanned expenses or purchases.

As with any other method of funding short-term goals, it’s crucial to keep from overspending but also to avoid underestimating how much you need. Take the time to assess all the variables involved, and your world tour is bound to be a success!

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    Hell yeah Lori LOL. What a good question and the answer is a “yes” to me. Here is why: you always find a way to pay it back. Whenever that is. Plus, life goes by so fast, I never once heard of someone on their death bed regretting following their dreams, because they had a financial bumps along the way. Nope. Quick ride. Leverage. Go for it.


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