How to relieve your fear of flying #infographic

Some can take even 6-8 flights per week with no problem, while others suffer from flying anxiety. And each behavior is normal – but, of course, no one wants to be scared, afraid when traveling. In a recent infographic published by FlyHomeLLC you can find various ways to destress yourself and get rid of your fear of flying.

The infographic includes practical techniques that are easy to use and that will ease your flight.

I admit I was a bit scared when I took my first flight. But it was a flight to a city I really wanted to visit (Paris), I was with my husband and, as a back-up solution, I had a book in my purse. I discovered I had a wonderful uneventful flight, a lovely experience, and the only reason I ended up reading a little was that it was a three hours flight at night – so no landscape for me…

What do you do to relieve yourself from the fear of flying?

How to relieve your fear of flying #infographic

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2 thoughts on “How to relieve your fear of flying #infographic

  • 19 May, 2015 at 04:27


    Loving these tips 😉 I like flying until turbulence lol….then I train myself to laugh a bit, to relax my body and to move with the bumps, and I feel better. Go with the flow!


  • 20 May, 2015 at 02:18

    Great infographic on flying! Once you realize how safe flying is and plane’s themselves, you will start to relax and enjoy
    if turbulance! Safe travels!


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