Park Guell – Barcelona, Spain

When you visit Barcelona you simply must go to Park Güell. This special place was designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí and built between 1900 and 1914. Park Guell is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Works of Antoni Gaudí”.

What’s so special about this park?

The design of the buildings – for Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926) is a famous architect. The designs he made go beyond Modernism – the period in which he lived. You can see his signature all over the city of Barcelona.

I heard about this park from my friend who traveled this summer in Barcelona. I’ve already told you about her and another place that’s a must see in this Catalan city – in the article on L’Aquàrium – Barcelona, Spain.

My friend told me that for a proper visit of the park you should reserve at least half a day (although more time wouldn’t hurt). She was conquered by the beauty of the park, the imagination of the architect and the great colors that seem to give life to the different places  of the park.

Park Guell was commissioned by Eusebi Güell who wanted to create a stylish park for the Barcelona aristocracy. This is an information you can find also here. “The focal point of the park is the main terrace, surrounded by a long bench in the form of a sea serpent. To design the curvature of the bench surface Gaudí used the shape of buttocks left by a naked workman sitting in wet clay.” This is an info from the Wikipedia page dedicated to this park. Info about the park and several images can be found here too.

Inside Park Guell there’s also a museum dedicated to this great architect, in fact a house in which he lived for a while.

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Visiting hours: Everyday from 10h to 18h during winter and to 21h during summer. Free entrance.

Giving the fact that such a park should also be presented in images, here you have some photos made by my friend this year. Of course you must visit the park in order to truly fell the calmness it inspires.


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  • 8 October, 2010 at 09:43

    Foarte frumos totul ! 😉

  • 8 October, 2010 at 14:57

    Great photos!!! PG is SUCH a special place. 🙂

    • 8 October, 2010 at 15:05

      @Mirela Yup 😉

      @Andi Thank you – and yes this park is a must visit 😉


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