Erfurt – One of the Prettiest German Town Worth a Detour

By Michael Schuermann aka Easy Hiker

One former East German town I would highly recommend for you to visit would be Erfurt. This small town has always been the pride and joy of eastern Germany, even during the reign of the communists. It is picture pretty and was the perfect town to end our short hike in Germany’s oldest hiking trail, which is in the same region, Thuringia.

The Erfurt Cathedral as seen from  Zitadelle Petersburg

The Erfurt Cathedral seen  through the little vineyard growing beside it. Erfurt was once a Bistum, i.e.a Bishop Seat

These old houses have survived through 40 years of communist East German rule that have been lovingly restored after reunification

Have some coffee in front of the town‘s Art museum

Since the reunification of the two Germanies, money has flowed in to help modernise the town. Here their  modern electric tramway passing by the city hall

The town can offer a gastronomic experience from the restaurants that have mushroomed in the town since Germany became one

In one of the cafes around, this is one offer you can never refuse: all the coffee and Apfelstrudel and other cakes  you can eat for only 5.50 Euros

The houses on Kraemerbruecke (Kraemer Bridge)

Entrance to the Kraemerbruecke (Yes, this is a bridge)

This hotel is famous because of Willy Brandt. Find out how and why here

A relic that reminds people of the dark communist past of Erfurt – the former Stasi prison – now being renovated into apartments

Pretty back streets, away from the hustle and bustle of central Erfurt

Houses that have been lovingly restored that now offer a pretty sight in the cobblestoned streets of Erfurt

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But these are still to be seen in many corners, old rundown buildings neglected during the communist era that are waiting for investors for renovation

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  • 6 October, 2010 at 18:32

    Looks absolutely gorgeous!!!

    • 7 October, 2010 at 19:33

      Yup – looks like a nice place to visit indeed!


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