Sometimes you don’t know how much you liked a place, until you leave it

We have a song in Romanian about a man who realized how much he loved a woman until after she left him. I was listening to that song recently, and I couldn’t help noticing the similarity with travel.

Has it ever happen to you to realize just how much you liked a place, a city or a country weeks or months after you got into a different place?

Missing a place
Missing a place

I realized it happened to me with Paris. Yes, everyone loves The City of Light, I did too, but I was also a little bit disappointed: so much I wanted to see, so little time I had. Moreover, it was early spring, thus not a good weather (I got a lot of rain while walking or visiting museums). Plus, famous Versailles gardens weren’t put in place, so no impressive landscape to see there (I shared with you my impressions on Versailles and why I so wanted to visit this impressive castle).

But now, and even during this summer, so relatively shortly after my visit to Paris, I found myself missing it. A lot. And yes, I do plan to go to Paris some other time; we want to take our son with us – maybe even take him to Disneyland (though now he’s too young).

Yes, I am happy where I am now. We are finally finishing our house, a beautiful home for all four of us: Andrei, Eric, Maxie (our dog) and I. Even if I see myself in Vienna for a Christmas (or maybe in another city in this gorgeous world), this year all I want for Christmas is for all of my family to be healthy, my mother, grandmother and tomcat included, and to spend Christmas together with Andrei, Eric and Maxie. To wake up early in the morning and unwrap Christmas presents. But, I do yearn for some travelling – including visiting Paris again. So some plans are in order 😉 Until then I will celebrate my birthday on Saturday (I was born on November 17th), and I will also be at home, with some friends.

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But this is not related to this blog’s topic, so I am going back to the issue here and will ask you: did you ever end up missing a city/place a while after you left it, even if you were not particularly in love with that place/city while there?


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