How to behave in a hotel

Traveling involves staying at hotels (or hostels or other such places). It is important however to behave while you are there.

I know, you might ask yourself why such a blog post – I mean, everyone knows how to behave. Yes, I thought so too. And then I had a reality check: this is not quite true. First, I thought it’s only an exception – several people that don’t know what “common sense” and “respect” mean. But traveling more often and staying at different hotels in different countries and cities has showed me that there are still some basic “rules” that are not familiar for everyone.

  • Don’t talk too loud on the corridors – especially at night or during rest hours. Maybe a tourist staying at the same hotel counts on sleeping well from 10 PM to 2 AM when maybe he’s leaving. Loud people waking him several times during this sleeping hours won’t help him being rest in the morning when maybe he will hit the road and drive (and when he’ll need to pay attention and have all his reflexes up). From 2 to 5 AM are considered as well sleeping hours – so everyone should stay quiet too.
  • Don’t act as if there’s no one else there but you – surprise, surprise: there are other tourists staying at the same hotel who have the same rights as you do. Some respect would not hurt.
  • Don’t play TV or music too loud – at least during rest hours. Remember that different people have different tastes and habits – especially since in a hotel there may be people from all over the world.
  • At breakfast (or during any meal) remember that you are not alone – once again remember not to talk too loud, not to let kids annoy other people. It wouldn’t hurt eating nice either;).
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Of course everyone is free to do whatever he or she pleases. But remember that what you like might be precisely what someone else hates – and vice versa.

Do you have other suggestions of recommended behavior in a hotel?

I wonder what it would be like to have such a “desired guest behavior” posted in hotel rooms (yes, I’m in PR and I know that according to scientific experiments such a message correctly written – following some persuasion rules – might have a great impact on hotel’s guests). Would you like to see such rules in the hotels you are checking in at?


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