How much are you willing to pay to enter or in a theme park?

I see that a news is making waves today: the price of the ticket for adults for entering in Disney theme park goes up $3 from $79.

As I notice the news emphasize that the price is a bit high (I read this and this).

So that rises a question: how much are you willing to pay for entering a theme park?

Disney is of course a park where you pay at the entrance. Here we’ve told you a little bit about another theme park: Prater from Vienna, Austria, the park that has a big ferris wheel famous all over the world.

In Prater there is no entrance fee. You pay however for every amusement you go to. And, as I’ve already told you,  you have many activities and amusements to choose from. If you don’t pay attention to your budget you can easily spend around 500 euros in a single day. Add something to eat and the picture is complete.

But parks like these are a mirage. Some work years in order to visit them once (maybe even once in a lifetime). Is increasing the price – as Disney does now – a good policy? What do you think? and How much are you willing to pay to enter or in a theme park?

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