From Paris to New York in only 90 minutes with a “hypersonic” plane: ZEHST

OK, this is I’m sure a good news for many people!

From Paris to New York in only 90 minutes – this seems to be possible in the near future according to  a news. “EADS, the parent company of Airbus, is to unveil plans for a “hypersonic” plane that can fly twice the speed of Concorde on biofuel made from seaweed, and takes less than 90 minutes to fly from Paris to New York.

The 3,125 mph jet known as ZEHST, standing for Zero Emission Hypersonic Transportation, will transport up to 100 passengers at more than four times the speed of sound, with a cruising altitude of 20 miles above the Earth – just outside its atmosphere.”

After finding out about the plane of the future by Airbus, it seems that interesting projects are unveild by other companies (in the group this time) as well.

This “hypersonic” plane by EADS – ZEHST – seems to be also eco friendly – I’m sure many are pleased to hear about this accent on reducing pollution as well.

I wonder what other news regarding planes we’ll find out soon 🙂

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