Caribbean pirates smoked like the devil and used porcelain! – discovery

A recent discovery on Caribbean pirates shows that they smoked like the devil, drank a lot but used fine pottery – impractical porcelain. Now that’s something, right?

I admit I smiled when I read about the discovery on but it seems like this is the true reality for these are discoveries and not assumptions.

Now, of course pirates are often shown as not necessary bad people. Let’s see only the series with Johnny Depp – Pirates of the Caribbean. But there are also many actions that involve kidnapping, fighting. And these actions happen also in our days – therefor not a good thing. There are often news about incidents with pirates and even kidnappings – there were some even involving Romanians (that were kidnapped).

However, many people are attracted by the pirates. Kids are playing pirates roles and having fun while doing that. That’s why finding our more details on how real pirates live and lived is interesting. The Carribean pirates “They smoked like the devil, drank straight from the bottle, annoyed the Spanish and had a fascination with fine pottery.”. Also, “While the pirates liked glittering pottery, they liked it mainly in two forms – bowls or porringers.”. You can read the entire article on this discovery on

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