A pyramid to be built upside down (INSIDE Earth) in Mexico City! Unbelievable!

I thought I didn’t read correctly. But no, I did read correctly.

Mexico city has big plans. Or at least some firms there have big plans.

BNKR Arquitectura imagined a 300m UNDERGROUND skyscraper. Their proposal features, as we find out from the news, ”mixed residential and retail space, a museum of Aztec and Mayan artifacts and 35 floors for offices”.

Moreover, “The top of the structure is covered by a glass roof, with daring guests able to walk across the huge hole. The central void allows natural light and air ventilation”.

OK, interesting idea, I give you that. OK, you can escape any laws that specify some height restrictions for the buildings on earth. Or, to be more specific, for the buildings above Earth.

I’m sure no one thought to offer some law as to building inside the earth.

It could be one option, but I’m asking you now: do you think it is such a good idea to build inside the earth? Do you think earth could sustain such buildings (all over the world)? I’m sure some could argue that studies have been conducted, but still…

Picture: BNKR Arquitectura, via News.com.au

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