The Well in the Rasnov Fortress and its Legend

If you were in Brasov area in Romania, you definitely heard about the Rasnov Fortress, and maybe even went to see it. If you weren’t there yet, come back on this blog as I will tell you much more about this fortress in a later post. Today I’m presenting you the myth behind a well that can be admired here.

The legend, as presented even on the official banner near this well, says that during a long siege of the fortress, the Rasnov citizens were concerned about the possible lack of fresh water. They had captured some Turkish prisoners, so they decided to put two Turkish soldiers to dig a well in the centre of the fortress, promising them their freedom once the well was finished.

The myth says that the well was finished 17 years later, but that, at the end of the work, the soldiers were killed anyway.

Now, this is a myth, and as I was reading the story I recalled reading the exact story on another well, in another country – I don’t remember where now, I have to look over my photos and travel stories.

Do you know where a similar story can be read?

Here’s a photo of this well – you can see a canon too – click on the photo for a larger view!

The Well in the Rasnov Fortress, Romania
The Well in the Rasnov Fortress, Romania

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