Google partners Ryanair to launch new travel price comparison service

The service is set to be officially launched at the end of March 2014, and the goal is to help people find cheap tickets more easily. In an official statement I saw on The Independent, Michael O’Leary(from Ryanair) said that:

“There are some very exciting developments with Google, where we have been working with them on sharing the pricing.

We’ll be sharing the Ryanair pricing through all of the Google outlets, so when you go in, there’ll be route selections, cheapest prices and so on. Google are developing a price-comparison thing themselves.

It’ll blow comparison sites like Skyscanner out of the water.”

Google aims to keep people for as long as possible on its website (do you remember the change in the way the photos are displayed and the long talks about how sites blogs/sites with many articles based on photos had a significant drop in search traffic?) and to offer side services to its visitors.

This new partnership could lead to a useful service, if there will be more offers from other companies. Moreover, this new project has to find ways and partners all over the world in order to be used by people in the countries where Google has a strong position in terms of traffic.

You can easily see that this is an announcement with a touch of a teasing – no official article from Google, and several months until the official launch. Perhaps testing the waters – or offering just a part of the final product in order to surprise – buy hey, there are so many things one can do in terms of marketing (and I should know that as I have over 11 years of experience in the field) that we can only wait and see what their strategy will be.

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What d you think of this new Google idea?


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