A basic guide to Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is located in Holland and it is known for its colourful brick houses, its canals and quaint bridges.

How to get there?

Amsterdam’s airport, Schiphol, is one of the main airports in the region. There are many low cost, regional and international flights connecting Amsterdam to other cities. If you want to explore the neighbouring cities, the country’s extensive railroad system is your pick.

Amsterdam, typical houses and bicycles
Amsterdam, typical houses and bicycles

Amsterdam, typical houses and bicycles, photo from Shutterstock

Where to stay?

There are many districts in the city, each one adapted to a budget. If you are looking for a hostel in Amsterdam, stay close to the city center, the main Leidseplein street filled with bars and cafés, and Rembrandtplatz. If you are into five-star hotels, then book a room at one of the many chic hotels near the Museumplein, close to the main museums.

What to do?

Exploring Amsterdam’s canals museums, nightlife and parks is the ideal plan during your trip. Follow the locals and hire a bike in order to explore the city. The city has ancient bridges crossing canals, where you will be able to see the reflection of many pastel back-to-back stone houses with large windows. Do not miss the city’s famous landmarks, including the Oude Kerk cathedral and the Anne Frank House, now transformed into a museum.

Do not hesitate to take a walk around the famous Red Lights District, which is more than adult clubs. There are several restaurants in this area. If you want to party, then Leidseplein, the city’s main going out and shopping street is located.

The city’s museum scene is one of the many reasons to visit this city. Head to the Museumplein, a large street where most of the city’s most famous museums are located. Here you find the most popular art museum in the country, the Rijksmuseum. Next to it is the Van Gogh Museum. After touring the museums, check out another one of the city’s symbols, the large letters spelling “Iamsterdam”.

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Aerial view of Amsterdam
Aerial view of Amsterdam

Aerial view of Amsterdam, photo from Shutterstock

Visit one of the city’s markets if you want to catch a glimpse in the locals day-to-day. Apart from wooden clogs, more varieties of cheese than you could imagine and a wide selection of tulips seeds, you will be able to find vintage stalls selling antique items.

Join the locals and rent a bike to explore the city. Bike to the coast, where a large aquarium is located. Then bike towards one of the many traditional windmills located close to the city.

What to eat?

Apart from the many varieties of local cheese, including Edam cheese, named after one of the city’s areas, you will be able to enjoy local food. Check out the local vending machines, where you will find an assortment of hot food. Pick up some frittes fries with sauce near the Dam Square, the main square where the city’s cathedral is located.


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