The Splendid Alps Seen from the Airplane

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During my first flight I had the wonderful opportunity to see the beautiful French Alps. Their peaks were covered in snow and it was a gorgeous view. Unfortunately my window had a little bit of condense at departure, therefore I had a rather frozen window – so no photos, just a small glimpse of the truly beautiful view.

My husband travelled recently to Italy, and on his way back was able to take a photo of the Alps in this area. They are also covered in snow – really, really beautiful!

Italian Alps

With sights like this, how can you not like flying?

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One thought on “The Splendid Alps Seen from the Airplane

  • 11 June, 2013 at 13:49

    A beautiful sight, eh? I love flying over that part of Europe – especially flying into Innsbruck where you’re right down amongst the mountain peaks.


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