Snow covers Europe and cancels hundreds of flights; roads blocked

Heathrow – an important UK airport – announced today cancellation of hundreds of flights.

A friend in Germany had issues with a flight – experienced some important delay due to weather conditions.

In Romania there are big problems – and roads blocked by the snow (it is orange code for snow and blizzard; some airports experience also problems and the naval transport has many problems – the Danube is covered in ice.

It seems that there are still some days in which there could be problems in transport and in different parts of Europe due to snow and cold. You can see here the snow forecast for the hours to come.

In such conditions the best thing to do is to be prepared. To have your phone with you and some emergency numbers – your travel agency etc., some spare money (if you’ll need to remain to some airport and wait for several hours (or more). You also need to be patient, search for alternative solutions to go back home (different flight, even if you’ll stop somewhere). The worst thing you can do is to panic.

Do you have any other advices? Have you ever been stuck or experienced travel delays due to weather conditions?

Are you going to travel anywhere in Europe these days?

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