Lauren: The Day This Wanderer Finds A New Home

This post is part of the new series on this blog: travel bloggers share their unforgettable travel experiences. Article by Lauren

When I think about how it’s been 6 months that I first landed in Canada and how it’s been 6 months- already?

Why did it feel so natural? Shouldn’t I get Culture-shocked? Be embarrassed when using my horrendous French?

I guess it’s because I’ve always been adept at being in new places. It’s the magic of Travel. It just feels so natural to be in a new environment that you feel like a local the moment you step out of the plane, but this time the adventure isn’t limited to a quick 3 day weekend or a 2 year expedition, I have a new place that I need to call home and I’m not sure about what would happen to me there, do I go completely mental and end up on the news as a poster girl for manic culture shock depression or do I apply the cool state of mind I’ve perfected since that time I got so terribly broke because I impulsively purchased a new flight ticket because I missed my 1st one and I had this unyielding insistence that I wanted to go to that secluded island the very next day. (or insert other travel mishaps here)

All things considered I feel like I am very lucky to have the opportunity to live in another country – and one so vastly different from my own. Everyday I get to see something new and I’m imploding with new information, even going to a grocery store feels epic and I was very giddy indeed the first time I had to ride the underground train. Little things that are often under appreciated or most often overlooked become a source of inspiration, I’m on a trip going to school, to the market, to another town. The city I call home now is not perfect, but I think it’s that perfect mix of strange and familiar that made me eager to call Montreal my new Home.

The single-most awesome moment that I think I would never forget would be seeing snow for the first time when I landed at Pierre-Trudeau and instantly feeling underwhelmed. I love the cold weather but remarking on the wet melting snow that sticks to my shoes is a guaranteed ice breaker. Random people on the bus stop will agree that snow sucks – and finding the silver lining in that is why I’m here.

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