A painting that impressed me at the Louvre

You already know I am a museum person and that I visited the Louvre last year, when I was in Paris. Even if I had only one day in this museum (though I hope I’ll revisit it one day), I am recommending you to see it. You’ll have some interesting moments there – I did: I found out some interesting facts and was impressed, and surprised, by some of the items exhibited here. This is the case of the painting I am presenting you today.

I have some art background – had some courses back in high school – but I am not an art expert. So yes, I know about the various periods in art, different artists, but not all of them. So when I saw the colours of this painting I simply took a moment and study it.

What was indeed surprising was the colour used for the people in the photo – saints painted in grey tones, suggesting dead people – to me at least. It was like seeing a corpse there – as the clothes have colours! Plus, the expressions of their faces, the rather skinny bodies and the image in the right one – look at the man’s head!

An interesting technique, definitely an interesting result. You can read more about the painter, Ambrogio Borgognone, also known as known as Ambrogio da Fossano, from this article.

And now, the painting I was telling you about – the second photo contains the explanation of the painting exhibited in the Louvre. Click on the photos for a larger view – 1500 px!

Painting  by Ambrogio da Fossano, Louvre Museum, Paris

Explanation of the painting by Ambrogio da Fossano


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