7 Unusual Things to Experience When in Estonia

Estonia is a tiny nation in the European region with 45,227 sq. Km and around 1.3 million people reside here. It is however, a very well-known country for tourism and visiting it you’ll see that there are plenty of things to do here, even if it’s a small country.

Talinn, Estonia
Talinn, Estonia

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You will be surprised to hear this fact. As said before, it only has around 1.3 million population, but this small nation managed to attract over 2.1 million foreigners the previous year (Source). There is no hassle whatsoever in reaching this beautiful nation. Many airlines offer flight to Estonia.

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But, merely visiting a nation and doing everyday things is not the way to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

There are many ways to create lasting memories of your trip, and one of them is to try some unique, unusual things in the place that you are visiting.

Unusual Things to do in Estonia

Everyone can tell you some standard features of a nation, but not many people will suggest things that I’m about to list in this section of the article.

Sauna Session at Mooska

It is always relaxing to have a Sauna to soothe away your tiredness after a long trip. The sauna session at Mooska is not an ordinary thing that is why it has been able to secure its spot in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list.

The Smoke Sauna Session of Old Voromaa is superb, and you will get to know why after reading further. This traditional sauna lasts for 3 hours and has a room for eight people. There are plenty of things that will accustom you with this sauna. It includes the soothing aroma of burning woods with a combination of sauna honey, birch boughs, and thin meat smoked.

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Its location is just behind a pond where you can dip yourself to calm yourself, and it is even enjoyable in the winter season. The cost of Sauna heating comprises of hand-made soaps, herbal tea, sauna honey, and two boughs. There is also a premium service in which you get juniper bough, a sauna hat, bathrobe, towels, and home-made beer.

A reflector is a must, but it is also a strange thing that you will come to experience

Are you aware of the fact that Estonians were the ones who first introduced reflectors to the world? Percy Shaw was the person behind this critical innovation that can save lives. The reflector is not an option for you, but a compulsion. However, it does not mean that it is boring stuff for someone who has never worn it before.

Estonians wear black of a grey reflector either for fashion or due to compulsion, as it could be the only source of light at that moment. You can stick the reflector on the front of your coat, which will not only keep you safe but also will keep you stylish.

The reflectors are something to notice in Estonia. At times, you will also observe hundreds of reflectors all around trees, and there is also a good chance that you can get it for free.

Village Swing to enjoy as a child once again

There are times when you may feel like Estonians are annoying people as only a few people may look at you and smile. However, they are not that boring, and you will get to realize that once you spend some time there.

One of the most exciting things that you can try in Estonia is a village swing. It can lighten up your mood and offer you a unique experience once you give it a try. In the beginning, you may be a little afraid to see monstrous woods, but there is nothing to be scared.

All you need to do is find a couple of like-minded people and ask them to sit on the other side and get on a swing. You can increase the level of difficulty as you go and get some traditional folk songs going, while you are swinging.

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Forest Megaphones

If you want to know the original sounds of the forest, then you should visit Voru Country. In the RMK Pahni Nature Centre, you can get a first-hand experience of the music of the woods in a quiet environment.

There are three enormous wooden megaphones in this Centre with three meters diameters where you can relax and listen to the sound of the forest without any disturbance. Furthermore, you can choose between a large and a relatively smaller view, depending on your preference.

Get some taste of Kohuke

As you spend time in Estonia, you will see that there are plenty of different foods in this country. Some residents would want to visit restaurants like Poobel. You can find plenty of exciting things like blood sausages, herring, kama, sprat, meat jelly, and so on.

For Estonians, they cannot imagine delicious foods without dairy products. Estonia has a special place for dairy products. In many shops, you can find a dedicated wall of the fridge for dairy products like a variety of milk, curd-based items, yogurts, and so on.

Kohuke is the best for many Estonians, and it is quite tasty as well. This product is curd glazed with chocolate/caramel. There is a wide range of options for you to choose from vanilla to chocolate, and some of these items even contain jam inside or chocolate chips and berries.

Go to the historical city of Padiski

It is fascinating to explore the history of architecture and humankind. You will have many surprises once you visit the town of Padiski. Many classic historical structures are rare in this day and age, such as Leetse manor, Muula house, a lighthouse, fortress of Peter the Great, and so on.

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Moreover, you also will get a chance to observe the rich heritage from the time when there was a prohibition in entering this place. You can spend 2 hours watching many historically valuable things by spending 45 Euros.

Kivioli Adventure Centre

Kivioli Adventure Centre is in the old ash hill slopes at the Northtown centre. The hill has two different sections; one is a ski slope with the combination of downhill trails, a snow tubing run, and a snowboarding park.

In summer the first part is converted into tracks for running, mountain vehicles, and downhill that is 700 meters long. Another section of this Centre is for Motocross. Wander around both parts and observe two-day Kivioli festival in summer.

It is not necessary to do all seven things that I’ve mentioned here if you are short of time. However, do try to manage time for doing at least 3-4 activities that are on the list to permanently save some great memories in your mind. The things that you do with high emotional intensity is always there in your account.

Another thing for you to do is share your experiences and this article with your loved ones so that they too can enjoy their trip to Estonia to the fullest. Is there something that we missed? Do let us know by sharing your insights below.


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