5 Tools to Find Best Hotel Prices (and How To Use Them)

Traveling can be an expensive endeavor when all the needs and requirements of a trip abroad are taken into consideration and those expenses are often topped with the need for pricey accommodations during your trip.

In an effort to free up more money for fun while investing less in your hotel room, here are five tools to find the best hotel prices (and how to use them):

1. Tingo

There are many hotel booking websites available online but none other than Tingo offers the ability to protect you against price drops between the time of booking and the time of arrival. Tingo takes care of this risk for you by constantly watching hotel prices for drops and automatically rebooking your room if it can save you money. Whether a price drops once or 10 times, Tingo rebooks each time to take advantage of the savings, letting you know but requiring no action from you to get it done. As its slogan states: take the gamble out of advance hotel booking!

2. Google Hotel Finder

Little known but incredibly useful, Google’s Hotel Finder tool allows you to search not only by city but to select particular neighborhoods or other areas that you’re interested in staying in, automatically giving you a list of available rooms based on an area that you select on a map. Start with a city, narrow it down to your area of interest and then compare prices between both locations and dates in order to ensure that you are getting the absolute best price possible before proceeding.

3. Hotel Tonight

Available as a mobile app for both Android and iOS powered devices, Hotel Tonight is a unique tool that caters to those of us who typically fly by the seat of our pants when it comes time to travel by giving users access to last-minute flights and same-day hotel bookings at incredible rates. Starting at noon each day, the Hotel Tonight app posts listings from more than 300 hotels in cities around the world categorized as “hip,” “elegant,” or “basic,” further breaking down results by location to allow you a quick look at the prices and locations available in each category. Because its very business model pits hotels against one another, prices are brought even lower, making Hotel Tonight a very handy tool for those willing to make eleventh hour decisions.

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4. TripSay

A web-based tool, TripSay promotes various vacation and hotel packages based on the reviews and insights of travelers from around the world, giving you added confidence when committing to accommodations. Simply use TripSay’s handy world map to narrow your search to any particular locale or input your interests or the attractions you wish to see to have it instantly offer up a list of possible destinations, finding the lowest available room prices in the process.

5. BackBid

Interested in setting your own room price instead of letting a hotel do it for you? BackBid is a so-called hotel auction website that allows its users to have hotels battle over their patronage, ensuring competitive pricing for every level of hotel room imaginable! Simply post your existing reservations to BackBid and nearby hotels will work to offer upgrades, extra amenities and, most importantly, better pricing. Unlike some of its competitors who keep the hotel being bid on a secret, BackBid allows you to browse its listings by location or rating, giving you a full view of your potential room before you accept any offer.


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