21 Fun things to do in Hong Kong no matter how much time you spend in the city

Hong Kong is a popular travel destination. Home to many famous attractions, Hong Kong always something for all preferences.

No matter how long or short your visit is, you’ll find some fun things to do in Hong Kong.

Included below are 21 fun Hong Kong activities recommended by Ingrid from IngridZenMoments, who lived in Hong Kong as an expat.

21 Fun things to do in Hong Kong no matter how much time you spend in the city
Central Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been and will always be a bustling metropolis where you cannot possibly get bored. No matter how exigent you might be, there’s simply no possible way you won’t love the island-city.

If you are not looking for the normal “things to do in Hong Kong” article, you have landed in the right place. Because today you will discover some of the fun things to do in Hong Kong – from discovering less explored areas, to exploring the city’s underrated natural beauties, or going over the top in some of the city’s exclusivist places.

There’s something for everyone in Asia’s melting pot, no matter if you are visiting for the first time or not!

21 Fun things to do in Hong Kong

Take the tram from one end to the other

Hong Kong Tram is one of the fun things to do in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Tram

Hong Kong’s tram is an institution on itself. The double-deck trams are not only the cheapest means of transportation on the island, but they are dating back to the colonial era, at the beginning of the 1900’s.

For only 0.33 USD you can see the northern part of the island from one side to the other. It might not be the fastest option, but it is fun for sure.

Hong Kong Tram is one of the fun activities in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Tram

Start your trip from Kennedy Town, choose the upstairs seats conveniently placed in front or in the back of the tram by the window, and go all the way to Shau Kei Wan. Make sure to choose the correct route or else you will have to get off in Happy Valley, Causeway Bay, or North Point.

Go hiking

Hiking in Hong Kong is one of the 21 fun things to do in Hong Kong
Hiking in Hong Kong

Such an overlooked touristy thing to do, yet a very popular activity among locals and tourists, hiking in Hong Kong is a great way to explore the surrounding islands, but also the hills on the island and in the New Territories.

Hiking the Dragon’s Back, going to the Peak, hiking from Tai Long Wan to some of the most exotic beaches of Sai Kung, hiking Lamma Island from one end to the other, or simply heading to the top of the mountain from Quarry Bay – when in Hong Kong you have countless hiking trails to explore.

Pet the shop cats in Sai Ying Pun

The area between Sheung Wan and Kennedy Town is easily accessible on foot from Central or by tram, and is the home to all the dried fish shops. While the smell will strike you as soon as you approach, the many friendly shop cats will welcome you with a friendly meow.

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Take the party tram

An activity mainly geared towards tourists and expats living in the city, the party tram follows some of the main routs in town.

Depending on the length of the trip, you can go from Whitty Street Tram Depot on the western part of the island, all the way to Happy Valley through Causeway Bay or North Point.

Included in the price of the ticket, apart from the chance to admire the city come to life after dark, you’ll have a unique experience on an antique open-top upper deck tram.

Go on a junk boat

Originally, the junk boat was the traditional honkonghese wooden boat with three bright-red sails. However, in current times, the term doesn’t necessarily refer to the boat itself, but to the entertaining activity locals and expatriates have on weekends.

Today, a junk boat is basically a “party” boat where you sail towards Sai Kung, without an actual destination, only to enjoy other people’s company and drinks.

Vegetable shopping at the fruit market in Yau Ma Tei

This might not seem as fun as other points on this list, but trust me when I say, it is a unique experience worth having in Hong Kong. Yau Ma Tei market is located in a local area of Hong Kong, where you will be immersed in the traditional culture.

The fruit market comes to life early in the morning and is the place to shop for delicious exotic fruit, surrounded by thousands of people.

Don’t leave without tasting the famous (and expensive) Japanese grapes, or durian from Thailand during its peak season.

Enjoy a hot pot at Haidilao

The most famous hot pot place in town, the Chinese restaurant is always crowded and has delicious food anyone should try at least once.

Apart from the particular way in which the hot pot is eaten, food is served by robots, they have shows with people in traditional costumes, and customer service is over the top. If you have more time, you can even have your nails done at no extra charge.

Remember to order noodles, because you will sign up for another show!

Feel like a kid at Ocean Park

Perched on the top of a cliff on the southern part of Hong Kong Island, Ocean Park has its own cable car, a grand aquarium with hundreds of types of fish, and a zoo where you can see the famous panda bear.

Additionally, kids and adults alike can choose from tens of thrilling rides.

You can stay at their hotel, or have a wild camp experience under the stars.

Party on the beach at CocoNuts

CocoNuts - Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong
CocoNuts – Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong

One of the few bars on the beach, located on the south side of Hong Kong island, on Deep Water Bay beach.

Enjoy some delicious Thai food along with live music and chilly drinks, by the sea.

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Have brunch and a coffee at Repulse Bay

Clear water bay in Hong Kong
Clear water bay in Hong Kong

As the taxi or bus makes its way towards Repulse Bay you will feel like you have crossed over to a different destination.

The wide sandy beach and the seafront restaurants and cafes are the place you will always want to come to for brunch and coffee with a sea view.

Have dinner in a 360 degrees revolving building at the Grand Buffet in Hopewell Center

Hopewell Center is the only revolving building in Hong Kong, and on its 62nd floor you will find the Grand Buffet.

Book a lunch buffet and come prepared to taste tens of dishes, while having a 360 degree view over Hong Kong – from the harbor, to the Peak, all the way to the outlaying islands.

Dip in the highest swimming pool at the Ritz Carlton

Located at the 118th floor of the ICC building in Kowloon, the swimming pool at the Ritz Carlton hotel is the highest in the world and an authentic experience.

Experience unique views at Sky100 or enjoy drinks upstairs at Ozone

Just below the Ritz Carlton, when you don’t feel like spending so much on a night at the hotel, choose to visit the observation deck at Sky100.

The view cannot get any better than this: the whole city, the harbor, mountains, and outlaying islands will be at your feet from where you are on the 100th floor.

Indulge in a luxury high tea

Afternoon tea is a must while in Hong Kong with tens of options ranging from luxury experiences to more affordable ones.

Head to the lobby of the Peninsula Hotel for the ultimate afternoon tea, choose from the tens of sweets in The Butterfly Room at the Rosewood Hotel, or go for a local option at the famous Madame Fu restaurant in the Old Police Headquarters.

Visit a cat café

Visiting a cat café in Hong kong equals fun!
Visiting a cat café in Hong Kong

While in places like Tokyo or Seoul you’ll find all kinds of animal cafes, Hong Kong has a passion for cats and you cannot leave without experiencing a cat café.

You’ll find them everywhere around town and you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the company of tens of friendly and playful cats and this is one of the Hong Kong fun things to do!

Don’t forget to bring socks, because you will be asked to take off your shoes.

Shop for souvenirs on the antique street

go to the Cat street antique market - it's one of the fun activities in Hong Kong
Cat street antiques market

The Cat street in Sheung Wan has nothing to do with the fluffy animals, but a lot to do with antiques and souvenirs.

A walk on the small narrow street will offer you the chance to buy better souvenirs than the ones you find at the more popular Ladies Market in TST. Definitely one of the fun activities in Hong Kong!

Go camping in Sai Kung and wake up with the waves

Take the taxi or bus to the Sai Kung pier and hop on a boat to Tai Wan or Ham Tim beach. Bring your surfing board or your camping gear only and everything you need to spend the night under the stars.

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Waking up and having the beach and sea all to yourself is a great experience.

See a Feng Shui master and learn about your future

Won Tai Sin Temple in Hong Kong is one of the things to visit in Hong Kong
Won Tai Sin Temple in Hong Kong

Few people know but many temples in Hong Kong have their own Feng Shui masters anyone can see for a fee. Even if you don’t believe in fortune telling, this could still be a fun experience to have while in Hong Kong.

The temple in Tin Hau is conveniently located and sometimes has a line of people waiting to see their Feng Shui master.

Taste cuisine from all over Asia at Chungking Mansions

Indian, Korean, Pakistani, African cuisine and much more, you will find it all on Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, minutes away from the famous Avenue of Stars.

Come here with an empty belly and ready to experience one of the places praised by Anthony Bourdain on its famous TV show. This is one of the top fun things to do in Hong Kong with your friends.

Float on the Aqua Luna in Victoria Harbor

Aqua Luna junk boat in Hong Kong is one of the 21 Hong Kong fun activities
Aqua Luna junk boat in Hong Kong

One of the only traditional authentic junk boats still operating in Victoria Harbor, the Aqua Luna is a fun experience to have no matter how much time you spend in the city.

Enjoy drinks and dim sum while floating on the waves of the sea and let yourself be seduced by the impressive skyline. Choose the sunset cruise and you will thank me later!

Stroll through the flower stalls at the Flower Market

one of the fun places to visit in Hong Kong: Flower Market in Hong Kong
Flower Market in Hong Kong

No matter if you are visiting during the week or on weekends, and especially if you are in Hong Kong close to some of their festivities, don’t miss the Flower Market close to Prince Edward MTR station.

Tens of stalls filled with hundreds of types of flowers lay there waiting for you to take them home or only admire them.

About the author

Ingrid is a travel blogger and book lover on the constant search of places and experiences that bring joy to life. She is originally from Romania, and has lived the expat life in Hong Kong and Seoul. You can follow her stories on IngridZenMoments.

Planning a trip to Hong Kong? Then include these 21 fun things to do in Hong Kong on your Hong Kong itinerary! The best fun activities in Hong Kong for you! #hongkong #hongkongthingstodo #asiatravel #travelmomentsintime #traveldestinations #explore #travelblogger #traveling

21 Fun activities in Hong Kong. Discover the best fun things to do in Hong Kong from this article! You'll find many ideas of places to visit in Hong Kong to include on your Hong Kong itinerary! #hongkong #hongkongthingstodo #asiatravel #travelmomentsintime #traveldestinations #explore #travelblogger #traveling

21 Fun things to do in Hong Kong. Discover the best fun acitivities in Hong Kong from this article! You'll find many ideas of places to visit in Hong Kong to include on your Hong Kong itinerary! #hongkong #hongkongthingstodo #asiatravel #travelmomentsintime #traveldestinations #explore #travelblogger #traveling


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