2010 Christmas in Bucharest, Romania

I must say that I simply love the way my city, Bucharest, looks this year. Each important main street and boulevard is decorated in a special way. This year’s colors: white, red, blue and yellow. Some streets are with yellow arrangements, some with white ones, some with different combinations of these colors. Oh, there’s a boulevard in purple.

It all looks great, simply amazing. The first snow, at night, it seemed that it was a fairy atmosphere. Almost unreal – but great.

I’ve showed you Bucharest during 2009 Christmas here. I had to show you the city in 2010 too, right? Unfortunately I didn’t get to take pictures – but my dear friend Valentina Roman provided some from Universitate area and with the Christmas natural tree in Cismigiu park. Thank you Valentina for the photos!

Christmas lights 3

Christmas lights 4

Christmas lights 5

Christmas Cismigiu 1

Christmas Cismigiu 2

Christmas Cismigiu 3

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