/** * */ Stay tuned for a great contest ūüėČ - Travel Moments In Time - travel itineraries, travel guides, travel tips and recommendations

Stay tuned for a great contest ;)

Yes, soon you‚Äôll find out how you can start your year with some great prizes;) It will be a contest dedicated only to travel bloggers from all over the world ‚Äď yes, you have to have a travel blog to participate ‚Äď and you‚Äôll have the chance to win accommodation prizes to a great hotel ūüėČ

The contest is organized and held on Trippando‚Äôs and Travel ‚Äď Moments in Time travel blogs ūüėČ So, be sure to check //trippando.wordpress.com/ and¬† //travel.prwave.ro/ on January 5th when the contest begins.

Start your year in a great manner ūüėČ

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