Today we celebrate 8 years since our wedding. And, yes, our wedding had a travel connection

As you might already know, both Andrei and I are from Bucharest. On September 23rd 2005 we got married – said I do at the city hall in Bucharest – and a day later we had our beautiful wedding at Sinaia, a mountain resort in Prahova Valley. So you see, we travelled even for our wedding as we wanted to make it special.

If we were to tell you the story of how we met and what we went through planning our wedding (and not only!) I am pretty sure many of you wouldn’t believe it. Heck, a close friend told us we should write a book!

But 8 years ago it was a rainy Saturday (I should mention that it rained also on Friday, the day of our civil ceremony – poured would be more accurate), and early in the morning our guests and us were leaving from Bucharest to Sinaia for our wedding held at the beautiful monastery in this mountain city. Nowadays such ceremonies aren’t held in the monastery (in fact we were really sad to find out that as we wanted to baptise our son in the same church in which we got married).

We arrived at about 12.30 – 1 PM and we had about an hour until our ceremony – we were scheduled for 2 PM. We got there 10 minutes late, but found out that the first wedding was 45 delayed (they arrived late!) so we had to wait for another 10 minutes.

And then it started. It was the very first wedding I attended to! I had only attended a civil one a week before our own!

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I really paid attention to all that has been said there and to all the ceremonial. It was indeed special.

Click on each photo for a larger view!

Our wedding

Exiting Sinaia Monastery

We knew each other for nearly 6 months when we got married, but here we are 8 years later, happy and together. We had our ups and downs, our difficulties (financial ones), and we had some troubled times (we live apart from over an year due to some issues with our house), but we had so far absolutely wonderful memories and our love got stronger, as did our relationship.

restaurant party

We have our dear dog, Maxie, for almost 6 years now and we also have Eric, our son, 2 years and 3 months.

I might say time flew by, but I would be lying. Yes, time flies, but we try to enjoy each moment and to create wonderful memories.

We also love to travel, as you know, and we have so many beautiful memories from our travels too.

I must say we consider ourselves fortunate to have found each other and be together and we hope to have many-many more years together.

And, at the end of this post, here’s the song we had played as the first dance at our wedding – no, not a waltz 😉

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