Splendid trip at the sea

What’s it like to wake up at 5 am on a Saturday? I tell you: it’s great! Yes, great, when you know that it involves a 3 hours drive to the sea for a whole day of walking on the beach, enjoying a great day with your family. Should I add that being off season the beach should be almost empty?

So here we were 2 days ago: my husband (Andrei – the one that writes articles as Ave here too), our dog Maxie, and I.

We were traveling on the highway to east – so we had a great view of the sunrise – here’s a photo that illustrates that.

3 hours later we were at the Black sea, in Romania. My husband knows that there’s a special place for me on the beach, a place I truly love. It’s in the Jupiter resort (one of the many resorts built on the Romanian shore of the Black Sea). And yes, the beach was empty because off season this resort is closed (the hotels, restaurants and all other entertainment facilities are closed).

It was the first time we took the dog with us. Her first reaction? “Wow: what a biiiig place to run.” Her second reaction? “Oops: rather too much water over there.” I have to admit that Maxie had her first bath done right before she was castrated – so it’s understandable that she has a water phobia. Her third reaction (these 3 reactions were just fractions of second apart): “Well, still, so much space for running.” So she started running, smelling seashells and of course trying to catch some crows or seagulls.

I was happy to be at the sea so I start walking with my bare feet on the beach. Feeling the sand is such a great sensation! I walked into the water – only up to my knees for it was rather cold.

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I love the special feeling you get when you simply watch the sea, the waves rolling back and forth and you feel that you are drown there too, that you are moving although you are simply staying there. It’s simply great!

We picked up many seashells and sea snail shells in order to make some nice arrangements at home:) Of course we bought some fridge magnets too!

I went near a dam and my husband took some photos of me. The sea being agitated – it was a bit windy and the waves were reasonably high  when one hit the shore and the stabilopods near the dam – a wave hit the rocks behind me and of course a nice sea water “rain” poured on me too. This is a photo of just a fraction of second before watter hitting me :))

All in all it was a great one-day trip, relaxation, time spent in family – on Friday we had our 5th wedding anniversary 🙂 – the sea and it’s specific smell and sound!


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