Rawdon Parc Des Cascades – Quebec, Canada

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If you search this park on the Internet, you won’t find out many things. In fact you’ll get to a handful of sites that mention the opening of the park (somewhere between May and October). You’ll also find the address: 6669 Boulevard Pontbriand, Rawdon. You’ll then find out that Rawdon is in Quebec, Canada and yes, there’s a Wikipedia page about Rawdon. And that’s pretty much it.

Maybe it’s not much – but I can tell you one thing. The park is very well known in Canada and I invite you to visit it virtually through the photos provided by our friend, Dan Mitea.

Parc des Cascades

Parc des Cascades 2

Parc des Cascades 3

Parc des Cascades 4

Parc des Cascades 5

Parc des Cascades 6

Parc des Cascades 7

Parc des Cascades 8

Parc des Cascades 9

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