Outdoor walks and adequate gear

I went hiking with my class several years ago. It was a nice experience which, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to have it many times due to my knee problem. But even when I was just a child (I had 12 years) I knew I had to have various items in that trip in order to be safe. However, just recently I some friends went on a hike – OK, only a 6 hours one – but they had almost no adequate outdoor gear.

I don’t claim to be an expert, but there are several objects you should take in consideration and have on you when going on a one day hike:

  • backpackbackpack – choose a suitable backpack for you and the journey.
  • food and water – you’ll be far from a place you can buy basic products, so make sure you have enough water and food for the day. It doesn’t have to be a lot to eat, but it has to be nutritious.
  • a first aid kit – or at least the minimum elements. You never want to get hurt, but you might fall or get injured. Have the minimum with you.
  • anti-mosquitoes spray (you’ll be going into the woods and there’s a pretty big chance various insects are there. If you don’t want to be bitten, then such a spray should be on your list. Maybe a post-bite spray would also be a good idea (if you forgot the first spray or though you don’t need to apply it.
  • a map of the area never hurts, especially if it is a new area you are exploring. Make sure you accompany it with a compass as well.
  • a telephone, eventually a smartphone. Preferably a portable radio station (CB/FRS/PMR depending on the regulations in the country you are going – you might find a radio station more useful than a regular phone especially if you go hiking into more remote areas where cell service might be all but available.
  • suitable clothing and trekking boots – going hiking doesn’t mean going on a parade. Everything must be comfortable. Your boots should protect your ankles, while clothes should keep your body temperature to a comfortable one.
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Even when we go to a rather close to the city forest with the whole family I make sure we have the minimum covered. We also have a child with us so we carry some items for him too (water, a toy etc.). as I mentioned, we do not have unfortunately, the chance to go hiking much – on long tours – but we do enjoy spending the time outdoors with our dog too. Some precautions never hurt. In what the gear for a hike is concerned, I found this article to be useful as well. Safe hiking everyone!


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