Lego giant figurines exhibition in a mall in Bucharest

It’s a rainy day here – and a cold, windy one – that, unfortunately – one can only go indoors. There are many great attractions in Bucharest for indoor activities – sports, museums etc. – but, sometimes, you just want (or need) to go to a mall. That was my case as well – I needed to go to a mall to buy something – and, while there, I discovered an exhibition of various figures made of Lego parts!

Yes, the famous Lego bricks – adored by children of all ages.

Can you imagine spending OVER 100 hours to build such a figure? I admit I cannot see myself doing that. But I do love the results.

The exhibitions takes place at AFi Palace Cotroceni – a spacious mall located close to the Bucharest’s centre and Drumul Taberei and Militari neighborhoods. The exhibits are spread all over the mall.

The figures are quite different – and interesting.

What I saw:

First, a dog

Dog - lego
Dog – Lego

Then a statue of a cartoon

Ninjago Kai - Lego
Ninjago Kai – Lego

Characters from Star Wars:

Star Wars - Lego
Star Wars – Lego
C3P0 - Star Wars - Lego
C3P0 – Star Wars – Lego
Darth Vader - Lego
Darth Vader – Lego
Clone Trooper Lego
Clone Trooper
Yoda - Star Wars - Lego
Yoda - explanations
Yoda – explanations


And a frog (or (The Green Dragon) 😀

Frog - Lego Duplo
Frog – Lego Duplo

And a man just in front of the Lego shop.

Man in front of the Lego shop
Man in front of the Lego shop

And, as I heard later, I missed Mr. Bean and Charlie Chaplin. Yes, I have to go back and take photos of them too, I know. The exhibition can be seen until December 4th.

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One thought on “Lego giant figurines exhibition in a mall in Bucharest

  • 26 November, 2015 at 22:15

    Pretty incredible. I can’t imagine how long it would take to build something like that!


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