Las Vegas – a city that attracts

I guess one can say that there are cities that attract tourists like a magnet. Visit this cities is a dream for many people, all over the world. One of these cities is, without any doubt, Las Vegas.

Of course, the marketing for the city is a very good one. The first word that comes to mind when hearing Las Vegas is: casinos. That means excitement, risk, thrill, success, ruin, bet, glamor and many, many other similar things. I actually remember the movie “Viva Las Vegas” (1964)  with Elvis Presley – there is also a song with this name, a very interesting one.

I actually have a friend that spent New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas – and not just once. This friend of mine simply loves the town and it’s attractions – although the person lives in Europe. There are many things one could say about Las Vegas for there are many important info to be mentioned, when speaking of culture and this great city.

Las Vegas is also a city of lights. Being known and recognized for its casinos, that means a wild night life. That involves, of course, lights. I once saw a photo of the town seen from above at night. Impressing!

A true mirage, that’s what Las Vegas is. A town of hope, a place to get lost in the crowd, a place to live life on the edge, a place that could ruin or make you wealthy. But definitely a city that attracts like a magnet – and where you can get in anytime using, for instance, Las Vegas

Have you been to Las Vegas? What was it like?

Are you planning on visit this city? What do you expect from it?

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