Impressive Model Trains Exhibition in Sinaia

While I was growing up, I traveled only by train. And I loved it! I love the sound of the trains, the movement, the beautiful landscapes in Romania!

I would like to have a diorama of trains in my home one day, but until then I go and visit as many model trains exhibitions as I can.

A while ago I heard about the model train exhibition available at Sinaia Railway Station. Sinaia is a truly wonderful mountain resort in Prahova Valley in Romania (it is a special city for me, I’ll tell you in a separate post why 😉 ).

Impressive Model Trains Exhibition in Sinaia, Romania

It was June 1st , the International Day of Children and, as it was sunny, everyone was outdoors. So, even if it was Saturday – our outdoor family day – everywhere was crowded. So we got back in the car and started going away from Bucharest. At first we thought of going to our godparents’ house in Ploiesti, but on the road I remembered this exhibition and, since we also had our camera with us, we decided to go to Sinaia. If the road is not crowded, Bucuresti-Sinaia is a maximum 2 hours drive, so it was really OK. And we were lucky: the road wasn’t crowded.

The exhibition is open daily from 10 AM to 6PM – we got there at 5.45PM. Yes, it was a tight.

But you have to know that they don’t just throw you out the door at 6 PM. If there are people coming or – or inside – they’ll wait for you to leave:).

So the exhibition is, as I mentioned already, located exactly on the railway station in Sinaia, in one of the buildings here.

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We paid 12 lei (that’s less than 3 euro) for two people – Eric entered for free as he is not even two years old yet. Children normally pay 4 lei – that’s almost 1 euro.

We were really impressed by the dioramas we saw here. Various landscapes – and lovely local buildings – are included. The terrain in the dioramas is similar to the one specific to this part of the country.

Sinaia model trains exhibition 1

Sinaia model trains exhibition - train diorama

Sinaia model trains exhibition landscape

Sinaia model trains exhibition 4

Sinaia model trains diorama

We were also pleased to see that there is a playground for children – with various toys – trains, cars, etc.

Also, there is a small coffee house – there are several tables in a dedicated place where visitors can sit and drink a coffee, a tea while admiring the dioramas from above and while their children are playing in the exhibition.

Trains and other objects are also available for purchase as souvenirs and toys.

Sinaia model trains exhibition - winter

Sinaia model trains exhibition wonter 2

Sinaia model trains exhibition trains

Sinaia model trains exhibition 9

Sinaia Railway Station monography
Sinaia Railway station monography

All in all I was really happy I had the chance to finally visit this exhibition – as it was launched several years ago, but due to various conditions (giving birth, my knee surgery etc.) I didn’t manage to visit it until now. The staff is really friendly and helpful too!

Andrei and I loved the trains and dioramas – Eric seemed to like them too, but he doesn’t yet have the patience necessary for a visit to such a museum. We’ll definitely go back here sometime – for Eric, and for us too!

Impressive Model Trains Exhibition in Sinaia, Romania


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  • 14 June, 2013 at 22:36

    I love model trains, that looked like alot of fun, I think I could easily spend an entire morning looking at all the little details.


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