How Do You Plan And Play For Vacation Travel? – Infographic

Travelling is fun. Really fun. But you need to pay for all that fun. And you need to choose a destination for your budget.

So today I’m presenting you an infographic on How Do You Plan And Play For Vacation Travel.

As you can see, many people have a separate account to fund their travels. Less than %50 of the people take two to four vacations a year.

53% of the surveyed people take their trips by car, but the rest use other means of transportation.

While many people think on how they can pay less for their vacations, there are always people who can splurge. This means 5-star hotels with incredible amenities, pampering, doing everything they desire – maybe including a ride in a limousine from Limo Find or renting a party bus.

There are definitely many things to consider when planning a trip. The findings from this infographic are quite interesting and I’m curious: what do you prefer when going on vacation? What’s your budget? Do you prefer a staycation or taking a trip somewhere?

Infographic - how to plan and pay travel
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