Cool restaurants for a dinner with friends in London

Entertaining friends in London is made a lot easier due to the grand lineup of restaurants to choose from. Las Iguanas is the best place to get a Latino experience. Amaya Restaurant is great for modern Indian food. And for a whole new sensory experience in dining, it has to be Dans Le Noir!

At Las Iguanas the décor blends quirky elements with a cheerful atmosphere. In true grill style, food comes in ceramic pots placed on a stove, so it remains hot throughout. You will surely be transported to the large tapas parties of Brazil. The signature dishes like xinxim and the mocqueca curry are a riot of colour and texture but come with a soothing flavor. There’s a whole array of Latin street food with fajitas served with chicken, prawns, asparagus and artichoke. Oh, and how can you forget the cocktails? Don’t miss the cachacas – a liquor from sugarcane sourced from its own plantations near Rio.

Amaya Restaurant is welcoming with its extensive marble and premium furnishings. This restaurant is a great way to unwind with friends as the open kitchen bustling to get the orders ready adds to the carnival-like atmosphere. Food is Indian tailored to the global diner. The meats are cooked in Indian grill but the spices and flavors are subtler to give a wholesome feel.

If you are raring for a totally new concept in eating out, Dans Le Noir is something more. It adds a totally new dimension to the art of dining by taking you literally through a dark space. This means the food not just tickles your taste buds but offers a wacky sensory experience. You should arrive early and a guide will take you to a dark ante room. Once you have settled down, the cocktails and food follow. The contemporary spread on offer is enhanced by the selection of wines available. The darkness makes for a vivid exploration of different senses in savoring the food and drinks.

Next time when you want to spend the evening with friends, I strongly recommend to choose one of the above options to ensure that the time spend will become truly exceptional!

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