12 Amazing US National Parks #infographic

National parks are great outdoors options – even if you can only make a short 1-day stop, or can spend more time discovering them. Each park has its special something – but one thing is clear: they are all charming and worthy of a visit.

From the Grand Teton National Park with its alpine terrain and clear lakes to the Grand Canyon  and its splendid, colourful rock formation, from the Glacier National Park and its amazing blue lakes to the Yosemite National Park and its lakes and domes, and from Yellowstone with its hot springs to the Everglades National Park and its subtropical wilderness attraction and beyond all these, there are many wonderful national parks to discover in the US.

Included in the infographic below are 12 US National parks and important details about each of them, all to help you add amazing places to your list of places to visit for unforgettable memories.

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And, if you are more of a video fan, here’s a video with the details:

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