Gran Canaria on a budget

Tourists from all over the world dream of a holiday in Gran Canaria. The third largest Canary Island lured tourists since the 19th century and its charm is not lost. It is called the “Miniature continent” as it offers almost everything: beaches, sand dunes, mountains with green landscapes. As almost any other place on this earth, Gran Canaria can be explored on a budget – and you’ll not be disappointed at all!

Go to the beach

You often need to pay to take a trip and get to a beach. But in Gran Canaria is free. It’s there for you to enjoy it in one of your most memorable budget holidays: relax while taking a sun bath or even swim. Speaking of beaches, I have to add some numbers: 82 beaches account for 60 out of 236 kilometers of Gran Canaria’s shoreline. And there are different types of beaches: the famous touristy and beautiful ones on the west coast (Guguy (Güi Güi) for instance); the ones usually preferred by locals on the east coast (Aguadulce and Tufia); rugged beaches in north (like Quintanilla) and some of the beaches preferred by tourists on the south side (with Playa del Inglés and Maspalamos as most famous ones.) As a tip, when planning your trip here, try to find in advance budget accommodation in Gran Canaria, one that will allow you to have a relative easy access to various points of interest to you.

Playa del Ingles, Grand Canaria
Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria

Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria, photo by JabbaPhoto / Shutterstock

Visit Jardin Canario for free

Gran Canaria’s botanical garden can be visited for free – how amazing is that? Yes, I am a huge fan of botanical gardens and nature, so I don’t miss one when I visit a place. But usually there is a fee (and another one for taking photos.) For me, a botanical garden with free access is a not to miss objective! Just imagine being able to enjoy palm gardens, an impressive number of flowers (and smell their scent), to see cactus and lakes and trees for free. Yes, I could do that for days 😀 So be sure to make room for Jardin Canario on your trip in Gran Canaria!

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Take a hike

If you love to go hiking or trekking, then Gran Canaria is a perfect place for you. As you may know, the interior of this place consists of mountains – either volcanoes or ravines – all offering great hiking opportunities and splendid landscapes. There are also various tours offered – so you can easily pick something that best fits your preferences. Don’t forget that this is the place famous for Camino de Santiago, a route taking by many to better know themselves, to understand life and go beyond the daily superficiality.

Take a trip back in time in Vegueta

Go on Christopher Columbus trace in Vegueta – yes, it is said that Christopher Columbus stopped here on his way to discover America – there is even the Abad where he went before his big life changing journey.

Vegueta is also the perfect place to go to find out more about the history of this area. You’ll find here the Canary Museum and many old, cobbled streets perfect for walking and discovering times of sword fights, invasions, origin of the city.

Grand Canaria - Vegueta, colonial house facades
Gran Canaria – Vegueta, colonial house facades

Gran Canaria – Vegueta,  colonial house facades, photo by holbox / Shutterstock

As you can see, Gran Canaria has a lot to offer to a tourist and many of these attractions are available for free, thus making this impressive, mesmerizing city accessible for almost everyone.

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