Going to a hotel implies staying somewhere with other people. And this is not a bad thing. But staying in a hotel should also imply some empathy.

I don’t know about you, but the main thing I dislike in a hotel is noise! And there are so many noise sources in a hotel!


Hotel guests arrive at different hours – nothing special so far. But some are really loud – and when they are yelling and speaking/laughing loud on the hallways at 3 AM it’s not fun at all!

Also, in the restaurant: it is perfectly fine to speak, interact with other people. But don’t act like you are the only guests there.

And, let’s not forget loud noises in rooms: again, it is perfectly normal to speak, listen some music, look at the TV – but there is a line between listen for yourself, and playing TV/music way too loud, especially during the night, or at noon.

These are the basic noise sources – children yelling for hours, dropping things in your bedroom and so on completing the list.

And if you think it is not disturbing, think of the fact that a person loosing sleep is tired and probably won’t enjoy a visit in a city or, even worse, if that person is in the city with work, then they might not be able to concentrate as they should and get the job done. And that’s a huge problem.

As I said, hotels mean sharing. We live together, for a longer or shorter while. It should be a pleasant experience though. So yes, a little empathy is required when staying in a hotel.