Top Places to Visit to Celebrate Graduating from Your Family Nurse Practitioner Degree

Are you nearing the end of your nurse practitioner doctorate degree program and you’re now looking for a way to celebrate all your hard work up to this point? For anyone enrolled in the online doctoral nursing programs, they understand just how all-consuming they are and how much work is involved. Reaching the end of the program and receiving your degree is not only exciting, but it’s a moment that should be celebrated by all. So, with that said why not celebrate in a big way – and by a big way we mean heading off on a trip.

As you look at finishing your programs and making that big choice between taking on a leadership role in a medical organization or becoming a family nurse practitioner, it can create a lot of stress and questions in your mind. You obviously want to pick the right career path and your degree to use. That is exactly why heading off on a celebratory trip can be so important. It gives you a chance to clear your mind and just relax, allowing you to make a decision about your future when you return.

Here’s a look at some of the top places that you can visit in order to step away from your studies, relax, and come back with a clear focus on your future career.

Greece – a Little Bit of Everything

When it comes to a well-rounded destination that offers a little something for everyone it’s hard to beat what Greece has to offer. You can find it all here – fabulous beaches, swimming, shopping, unbelievable dining, stunning architecture and histories, and a culture that is welcoming to all. Greece is unique in that you can choose to stick to the main area of Athens, or you can focus on the Greek Islands instead and even visit a few of them while you’re there.

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Las Vegas – No Need to Travel Far

las vegas

If you’re the type that is looking forward to a trip but doesn’t have the available time and/or money to travel far then there are plenty of places to visit right inside the United States. Las Vegas is of course known as the place for all celebrations. You’ll be able to party around the clock thanks to the non-stop activities, shows, casinos, dining, and shopping that awaits.

Portugal – a True Taste of Europe at an Affordable Price

As a recent graduate you are likely a little tight on cash, which means you are probably looking for trips that are budget-friendly. A great way to get a taste of Europe without having to spend a fortune is to visit Portugal. Portugal is actually one of the most budget-friendly destinations in all of Europe, with typical hotel prices in its main city of Lisbon being 50% less than those of other major European cities.

Now even though you’ll get a great deal on accommodations and dining, you won’t be making sacrifices in terms of sights, attractions, architecture, and history, as Portugal is absolutely packed with things to see, do, and experience.

Reward Yourself and Clear Your Mind

Not only is a trip a great way to reward yourself, it can also help you clear your mind so that you can make those decisions regarding your future career.

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