Spectacular: Triple circular rainbow seen from an airplane

Sometimes a flight can offer the most impressive thing you’ll see. In three years as a frequent business traveler, Andrei (my husband) had the chance to see many wonderful sights while in the airplane. The most recent one is a triple circular rainbow seen on his flight from Paris to Bucharest (yes, a day after the Paris attacks).

In the past he saw a lightning storm, a storm far away, sunrise, sunsets, the reflection of the airplane between clouds, and rainbows, but never a triple circular rainbow.

I was impressed by the photo – and I wanted to share it with you. I hope you’ll find it as spectacular as I did.

The photo was taken with a Samsung Galaxy S3, so it is not perhaps the best quality possible, but the details are rather clear 🙂

Triple circular rainbow seen from an airplane
Triple circular rainbow seen from an airplane

Did you ever see such a triple circular rainbow?

PS: someone suggested this would be a glory. What do you think?

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