Have you ever seen the midnight sun in Lapland?

Lapland, in the Arctic Circle, is known for its weather extremes. In the winter months, the sun doesn’t come out for very long and for a certain period of time it’s dark all the time. Lapland is thought to be the home of Santa Claus, and so at Christmas time there are tons of winter activities that include viewing the Northern Lights, sledding and visiting Santa’s Village. In the summer months, everything is reversed and a ‘midnight sun’ shines for days on end, leaving plenty of time to explore this beautiful country outdoors.

Summer in Lapland is a great time for adventurous outdoor enthusiasts. The air quality in this northerly part of the world is crystal clear and free of pollutants, which means being outside in the unspoilt nature is a pleasure. For fishing enthusiasts, Lapland has some of the best trout and salmon fishing in the world. Stay in a log cabin amid beautiful scenery, wake up early to an already-bright morning and hit the Kalari or Yllas rivers for an incredible day of fishing. Be sure to get a permit from the Kellokas Nature Center first. After a long day at the river, relax with a Finnish Sauna, which is very popular and restorative.

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun Lapland by Joan Comenge

In the summer, when all that winter snow has melted and made the rivers flow, white water rafting is a great activity for those who are brave enough! If a gentle ride down the river is more your speed, consider canoeing down the Äkäsjoki River or enjoy the verdant surroundings along  the River Tornionjoki.

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Nordic walking is essentially hiking with lightweight, flexible poles, which exercises the entire body and encourages dynamic movement. The Finns have adopted the sport into their recreational culture and there are many places devoted to the sport in Levi, Ylläs, Pyhä – Luosto and Rovaniemi where you can get guided tours. Imagine walking through the peaceful forest and observing the unique flora and fauna of Lapland.

Lapland is a place that reveres its natural surroundings – the culture has learned to adapt and flourish around the two extremes of winter darkness and summer sun.  If you want to clear your lungs and have unforgettable experiences in this pristine place, there are countless fun things to do on your Lapland break.  Grab a fishing rod, a canoe paddle or a pair of Nordic poles and get out there!

Symphony of Lapland (Finland)

Symphony of Lapland by Bishwo Ghimire


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