Enjoying a roller coaster in Las Vegas?

I must admit that when a friend of mine told me that she likes to go to Vegas for its amazing roller coaster ride (and the amazing sensations) I was a little bit puzzled. I mean Las Vegas and roller coaster? Wasn’t this city the city of casinos? Well, it appears there’s more to Las Vegas than playing some poker, roulette etc.

So I did some searching. And yes, there is some truth in the recommendation to visit Las Vegas and enjoy its roller coasters. Apparently there is a big offer for those looking for intense adrenaline rushing through their bodies and for sensations like nowhere else. The views are apparently amazing – one roller coaster, for instance, gives you the feeling of falling down from a building – for the roller coaster is on top and surrounds part of the building giving one great emotions. And once you’ve experienced this roller coaster’s sensation you’ll want to go back and you’ll measure any other roller coaster by the thrill you had here.

Actually, two days ago I read some news about a new roller coaster to be built in Las Vegas – you know, the biggest and most interesting one they say. People enjoying it will tell if it is so 😉

There are many Las Vegas Packages so that’s not a problem. There are many activities just waiting for you. Of course, there are many casinos in Las Vegas. And also roller coasters – like for instance the Desperado roller coaster. What will you choose?

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