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Are you on Instagram? Let’s connect

Instagram is getting more and more popular. I admit I wasn’t among those who started their account as the app was launched or soon after that. In fact, I only have a few months since I am active on this platform (if we may call it a social media platform), but since I opened my account I discovered new people and amazing photos.


I also found some of the travel bloggers I usually interact with (on their blogs, on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon), but not all of them so today I’m inviting you to connect on Instagram. My account is violeta.loredana – direct link: //instagram.com/violeta.loredana. If you are already using instagram I’m inviting you to follow me – I usually follow back;). You’ll see photos from my travels, from my city, some with flowers from my garden or my house.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you!


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I’m offering public relations, communications and image counseling in everyday life and I have a PR agency – PRwave INTERNATIONAL. I am passionate about reading, blogging (I also have a blog in Romanian) and traveling. Follow me on Twitter - @violetaloredana (Romanian) and @TravelMoments.

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