Seeing sunrises from the airplane

Flying sometimes implies waking up very early in the morning or, to be more exact, late in the evening (sometimes 2-3 AM) and going to the airport. When the sun is just about to make its entrance and rose above the horizon, you sometimes already arrive to your destination. The flight is over – or a part of it, if you have to take another plane to get to a desired place. One of the things that make waking up so early worth the while is definitely seeing the sunrise from the airplane.

The splendour of the hot ball making its appearance, the gorgeous colours, and no building or any obstacle staying in front of the sun – simply perfect! OK, except, perhaps, the airplane’s wings 😀

Here’s a photo of such a sunrise seen from the airplane – the colours add a nice touch to the horizon when looking through the window.

Click on the photo for a larger view.

Do you like sunrises seen from the airplane?

sunrise seen from the airplane

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