Paper-Plane Travel – second prize post

The second place and the second prize in the contest organized with Silvia Ceriegi from Trippando offering prizes at Hotel Acacie in Elba Island went to Paper-Plane Travel‘s blogger Albena Krasteva who wrote a post called Moments in Time – Beach.

Here’s a fragment of her post.

July Morning
The sea level has the exquisite privilege to be the point of reference to which altitudes are measured.

Further, it is to mark a metaphorical beginning.

Though I have no recollection of the occasion, I am often told that when I first saw the Black sea at the tender age of I-don’t-remember-but-I-must-have-been-young, I was looking perplexed, struggling to understand what seemed completely unnatural and foreign to the world I had known up to that point – the possibility of infinity. “It does not end. It has no end.” – I was repeating.

Today, as I have grown in size, and, as I tend to claim at job interviews, in knowledge, I know the sea is not infinite. Not in terms of geography, anyway.

As I have grown in size, and, as I tend to claim in the company of adults, in understanding of the world, one thing has not changed – the sea with its splendour, the beach as its earthly receiver, for me, still mark a beginning. A beginning to any altitude my life could achieve, a beginning of a perception of the infinite, and an escape into that perception.

Have you ever heard of July Morning? Do you remember the hippies? Do you dream?

You can read the whole post here.

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