Move Out of the City to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

It doesn’t matter who you are or how healthy you think your lifestyle is – you can always improve. You might be struggling to get the best out of your environment, diet and lifestyle, or you might be aware that you’re living unhealthily and just beginning your journey into health and happiness. It’s tough, whatever stage you’re at, but it’s your life, so find a way to live it to the fullest. You won’t know, until you’ve started to see the results of a better lifestyle, how worth it the change will be for you.


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Living in the heart of a city or a polluted area is going to do some serious damage to your lungs, for starters, but this will also effect how much exercise you’ll want to do, or feel like you can do. One of the most important things you can do for your health, and your family’s health, might be to move to an area where you can still breathe in clean air. You don’t have to be completely isolated from the world – if you can move to apartments in Pensacola, FL, or somewhere similar, then you can live further out while still being close enough to stay in the loop. Get out of the heart of the city, and your lungs will improve as will your motivation to improve your lifestyle further.


It can be so hard to keep up with a hobby if you live in an urban area – particularly the kind of active, adrenaline-releasing hobby that you need to keep fit. Even if your hobby is practical, like cycling as a way to commute to work, you won’t be getting the best out of it because you’re by the side of the road breathing in the worst fumes for your body. If you get out of the heart of the city, you’ll find it a lot easier to take part in healthy activities, and the activities themselves will have a greater effect. Your cycling will take you looping round lakes and ascending and speeding down hills in the open air, followed by a cooling swim in the sea or pool when your exercise is done. You may have hobbies that you wish to pursue but haven’t had the opportunity to. Take full advantage of your new hobbies and meet new people that share in them. A move to a new community opens the door to meeting new people and developing friendships.

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One of the aspects of city life that is worst for health is the constant stress. Even if your work is relatively stress-free, it might be getting there each day that you’re struggling with, or not having a suitable way to wind down in the evenings. When you live a little further out of the city, you can sit around a firepit or take a late-night stroll to the beach. However, you choose to improve the quality of your life, you’ll have much more opportunity to do it when you put some distance between you and an intensely urban environment.



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