Why I like going to secluded beaches

Summer equals heat equals a desire to go to the beach. I like to go to the Black Sea, smell the breeze (yes, not just feel it, smell it), admire the sea and the wonderful golden sand, listening to the waves. I don’t swim (long story, perhaps for another occasion), so these are the activities that I like to do while at the beach. I prefer secluded beaches – and here is why.

beach sea shells - Black Sea
beach sea shells – Black Sea


I like to listen to the sound of the waves. I said that. But how can I do that on a crowded beach where everyone talks and music is loud?

As a side note, that’s why I usually go to the beach during the spring or the autumn… But during the summer, I choose secluded beaches where there are only a few people and we can all enjoy our time.

I don’t go to the seaside too often – or as often as I’d like to, therefore each moment spent here is precious. And I don’t want it to be spoiled by conversations (which are normal, of course) and loud music. More so if that’s music I don’t like (don’t even get me started about the “manele” issue).

I go to the beach to enjoy a walk on the sand, pick a seashell maybe, and definitely to let myself be mesmerized by the sea and its sound.

More space

Yes, you get the picture: less people means more space for each person there. Not getting up from your “carpet” and stepping on someone else’s.

We can all go

For us, the family includes our dog. And she doesn’t swim either, but sand is good for her legs issue. Swimming would be too, but she doesn’t go into water. Anyway, our dog is not a fan of crowds either. She is very sociable and friendly, but prefers to find another dog to socialize with and to have us around and a few people rather than many people.

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How about you? Do you prefer secluded beaches as well?

Sea pebbles - Black Sea, Romania 2
Sea pebbles – Black Sea, Romania



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