Travel souvenir from Turkey: The Blue Eye, a good luck charm

There is a belief popular in many countries that different people can give the „evil eye”. This look can cause pain, injury, or bring bad luck to the person receiving it. Moreover, it is believed that people who are envy or don’t think a person deserves what he or she has, can give, unconsciously, the evil eye. It is only natural to have some good luck charms against this evil look and the Turkish blue eye is such a charm.

It can also be a great idea for a travel souvenir with a local significance (keep in mind that the evil eye is a belief popular in many countries, not only in Turkey and Islamic countries).

In Turkey, you will find many objects that use this blue eye: from jewelry to good luck charms, from key chains to pendants or simple amulets.

Here is a complex good luck charm with the Turkish blue eye – a travel souvenir I received from this country. Click on the photo to view it in a larger size.

Turkish blue eye - travel souvenir
Turkish blue eye – travel souvenir

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One thought on “Travel souvenir from Turkey: The Blue Eye, a good luck charm

  • 6 October, 2014 at 09:28

    You’re right it’s complex with so many blue eyes! Interesting how one eye protects you from another. Thanks for sharing!


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