Transfagarasan – the road you must ride at least once in a lifetime in Romania

2,034 metres highest altitude. 90 kilometres. Lots of turns. Amazing sights! Waterfalls along the way! Fresh, pure air. A sensation like no other! Transfagarasan.

A road built during Nicolae Ceausescu’s ruling, between 1970 and 1974, Transfagarasan (or DN7C as it is officialy called) is the second-highest and most dramatic paved road in Romania.

Transfagarasan highway
Transfagarasan highway

Its primary role was a military one – assuring rapid access for the army in the event of an occupation.

Today is however an amazing road, called  by many the best road in the world.

When you get on top you find yourself at the Bâlea Lake; there is also a waterfall there too and also opportunities to spent the night, eat and of course buy souvenirs. Information on the road you can find also on Wikipedia.

The Top Gear show come to Romania in order to take a ride on the Transfagarasan. Here’s their final part of the trip where they share their opinion! This is a really must watch video !

I’ve seen this road twice. First time it was sunny – and we stopped to take pictures, enjoy the road and admire the amazing sights. The second time was in the summer of 2010, on our way to the village of Albac, the destination of our vacation!

We took this drive on the 25th of June. It was funny in fact for at the beginning of the road there was a sign saying that the road is closed. Someone at a gas station told us however that it may be open.

Until 1800 m altitude the weather was great. After that… we got into the clouds. At the Balea lake, it was drizzle and foggy. And snow – I actually made some snow balls and threw them at my husband and at my dog ;).

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Of course, they were not happy! Look how Maxie looks after walking outside!

We were getting cold so we were happy to find fresh boiled corn at Balea Lake! You can imagine we didn’t think twice and bought some!

All in all I truly believe Transfagarasan is the greatest driving road in the world! Transfagarasan – the road you must take at least once in a lifetime in Romania!

Transfagarasan  Romania
Transfagarasan Romania
Transfagarasan highway, Romania
Transfagarasan highway, Romania
Transfagarasan road Romania
Transfagarasan road
Transfagarasan road trip Romania
Transfagarasan view
Transfagarasan fog
Transfagarasan fog
Transfagarasan snow
Transfagarasan fog view
Transfagarasan fog view


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