The Tartan Weaving Mill

Scots are very proud of their national costume and not embarrassed at all to wear a kilt to weddings and social events. I saw it for myself.

I must admit, the kilt wasn’t a very attractive item for me until I’ve been to Edinburgh. There I’ve noticed that it has a special history and a unique pattern based on the clan which wears it. For example, if someone is called Sinclair, then they should rent or buy a tartan kilt named Sinclair. The same thing happens with: Campbell, MacDonald, Fraser MacLeod, Mackay, Mackenzie, etc. It’s really interesting to see all the details and differences that appear between textures and colors.  I’ve seen lots of them at  The Tartan Weaving Mill, the building which used to be the Castle Hill reservoir, the main water supply for the occupants of the Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle area.

The mill is surprisingly large inside with five stores to explore. Now run by Geoffrey Tailor Kiltmaker, the mill exhibition shows the whole process involved in tartan production from shearing sheep, to making a kilt. There are working rooms and the atmosphere of a busy factory. Visitors can be fitted for and photographed wearing full Highland Dress outfit and experience the fascinating history of Scotland’s National Dress, the admission is free.

Tartan Mill

Tartan Mill

Tartan Mill

Tartan Mill

Tartan Mill

Tartan Mill

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