Stuttgart: the must-sees

There are many cities worth visiting in Germany. From the ever-changing cultural scene of Berlin to the manicured gardens of Munich and the canals of Bremen, German cities have plenty to offer. The city of Stuttgart is ideal for a city break: this city in the region of Baden-Württemberg is filled with gardens.

Stuttgart City View
Stuttgart City View

Stuttgart City View, photo by Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH / Shutterstock

Take a walking tour around the city

When you organize your trip to Stuttgart, make sure to make a list of places you want to see: there are plenty of gardens, castles and museums worth visiting. The size of the city is ideal for walking tours: most of the cultural landmarks are located within easy walking distance of each other. There are food and wine tours, tours around the city center with its many squares and historical tours around the Old Town.

Do not miss the Schlossplatz, the famous Castle Place, located in the very center of the city. The park near the castle and the Castle Gardens are worth exploring, and the Wilhelma Zoo with its exotic plants and botanical gardens is a must-see. Another park ideal for playing frisbee or for a picnic is Schloss Solititude, which offers guided tours around the expansive palace grounds. Several other famous landmarks include the Kunstmuseum art museum and the Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History. If you are looking for ancient castles, the you must visit Schloss Urach or Neues Schloss.

Stuttgart Square Schlossplatz and Neues Schloss (new castle)
Stuttgart Square Schlossplatz and Neues Schloss (new castle)

Stuttgart Square Schlossplatz and Neues Schloss (new castle), photo by anweber / Shutterstock

Enjoy a meal in an authentic wine tavern

Stuttgart is known for its hearty, homemade dishes. Enjoy authentic Swabian dishes in any of the restaurants located in the city center: order a Maultaschen dish, consisting of dough filled with minced meat, spinach, onions and herbs if you want a delicious meal. Take an afternoon off to relax in a “besenwirtschaft”, a wine tavern. Most of these wine taverns are run by the winemakers themselves, and many are not official restaurants, being organized in the kitchens of local families. These wine taverns often offer a variety of typical regional dishes, including the Spätzle egg noodles, potato soup, sauerkraut and several types of sausages.

Visit the car museums

Stuttgart is the ideal city for those who enjoy cars: the automobile industry is one of the main industries in this region. What car-lovers would want to know is that the city boasts a Mercedes-Benz Museum and a Porsche Museum. The Porsche Museum is a rolling museums that has rotating exhibits of these luxurious cars. The Mercedes-Benz Museum is a sleek space exhibiting iconic cars with halls dedicated to the history of this brand. These two museums organize guided tours in several languages, and the Porsche museum offers architectural tours around this large space.

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Porsche Museum Stuttgart
Porsche Museum Stuttgart

Porsche Museum Stuttgart, photo by tichr / Shutterstock

Hike to the Karlsröhe

If the city’s inspiring architecture is not enough for you, put your hiking boots on and enjoy a scenic walk to the Karlsröhe, a hill located near this city. From there you will be able to enjoy views towards the vineyards. After the exhausting climb, take some time to enjoy a glass of local wine and a red sausage at one of the beer gardens, the ideal place where to watch the sun set over the city.

Stuttgart - the Must Sees //

Photo from pixabay / by Gabi_Bendler


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